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Bible College is the place to come and learn more about the Bible, Christian doctrines, specific books in the Bible and practical application of biblical studies. This is the place where we can go deeper in theological discussion and have our questions answered.

You can join for one term or attend every term – it’s totally up to you. Each term goes for 8 Monday evenings and explores a particular subject presented by one or several of our own experienced and qualified teachers.

Register for one or more terms below:


February  5 – March 26

New Testament Introductions

A survey of the gospels and letters that comprise the New Testament.  We will explore the distinctive elements of each gospel and the themes, issues and backgrounds of the 27 books.  This is an excellent way to develop a deeper understanding of the culmination of God’s revelation in the Bible.

May 7 – July 2

Faith Foundations

There are some things that are essential to our faith as Christians and this subject will explore those foundations.  Topics such as: The Nature of God; the Person and Work of Jesus; the Holy Spirit; the Nature of our Salvation; the Authority of Scripture and more…

July 30 – September 17

The Book of Acts

This subject is being offered for the first time and will help understand the early church and the expansion of the kingdom of God from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.  Acts records how the Holy Spirit propelled the message of Jesus from the Jewish world to the Gentile world in just a few decades and what challenges were encountered in the process.

October 15 – December 3


Back by popular demand.  Perhaps the least studied and most misunderstood book in the New Testament. Understand how this book speaks to us today and how to handle some of its complex and cryptic themes.  We will study the original context and the various views that have shaped the way Christians have read this fascinating book and seek to understand and apply its message to the present generation.


7 – 9.30PM
Monday Nights
$80 per Term Module
Held at C3 Church Ryde – 89 Blaxland Rd Ryde

The C3 Ryde Bible College will be an advanced level of study and learning. It will include required reading, tutorials and lectures delivered by qualified staff.
Applications for study must be to the C3 Church Ryde office 24 hours before commencement.