If you would like to be practically involved with the RCI + C3 Cares Christmas Dinner, filling hamper is a great way to be involved.

Take a yellow RCI + C3 Cares Bag from the foyer and fill it with the following:

Return by 9th of December

The following is a list of Christmas specific items:

– Pretzels

– Shortbread

– Mince Tarts

– Chocolates

– Christmas lollies

– Ginger beer (non alcoholic)

– Fruit & Nut Mix

– Crackers & Fruit Paste

– Christmas Pudding (small)

– Christmas Cake (small)

– Apple Cider

– Christmas Bon Bons

– Kids Stocking Fillers

– Long Life Custard

The following is a general list of items:

– Tinned Fish (tuna large 185g, etc)

– Tinned Meat

– Tinned Spaghetti

– Tinned Tomatoes

– Tinned Beans (baked, mexican, mixed, chickpeas)

– Tinned Soup (tomato, chicken, pumpkin)

– Tinned Fruit (peaches, fruit salad, etc)

– Tinned Vegetables (carrots, peas, sweetcorn, etc)

– Tinned Rice Pudding

– 4 Pack Toilet Paper

– Sweet/Chocolate Biscuits

– Pasta Sauce

– Stir Fry Sauce

– Long Life Milk 1L

– Crackers/Biscuits

– Chocolate

– Muesli Bars

– Tea (box 50-100g)

– Instant Coffee (small or sachets)

– Ginger Beer

– Soft Drink 1.25L Bottle (non-alcololic)

– Instant Cup Noodles

– Instant Mash Potato

– Pasta

– Rice