READ – John 1:1-14, John 5:39-40, 1 John 1:1-4

THE LOGOS, THE WORD – In a kind of summary to this series, we come to the high point of the very beginning of God’s word. In fact ‘beginning’ is not quite correct. John begins his gospel with echoes of Genesis 1 yet going before that into the eternal existence of God. With God in eternity was The Word – the Logos.  John uses the Greek word for ‘word’, especially the written word, but also the word that is the eternal principle, logic, wisdom and creative action through which everything comes into being. This WORD is the word before all other words and is the centre of all other words, giving all other words their reference point.  John testifies that this Word became human and lived among them – revealing the true and only God. In a later letter, John speaks as a witness giving evidence of his real-time experience of the “Word of life” whom he saw, touched and heard! Here is a good reason to diligently read God’s word and expect to meet the Author as we read. The Scriptures point to Jesus. The ancient Jews cherished their Bible. Many studied it with great diligence, yet when Jesus Christ came to them, they rejected him. May we not make the same mistake. May we allow the Scriptures to lead us to the living word – Jesus.

Have you ever been surprised by discovering something about Jesus?