READ – 1 Peter 2:1-6, 1 Corinthians 3:1-3, Hebrew 5:11-14

MILK and SOLIDS – How is your appetite?  Are you a savoury or sweet person?  Do you enjoy a wide ranging diet or like to keep it safe and predictable?  God’s word is essential for our spiritual growth and much like natural development, we are intended to grow in our dietary and nutritional intake for our health.  Young believers need “pure milk”, nourishing the most important needs.  A mother’s milk has been shown to provide so much goodness to the infant’s growing body and immune system.  We would be alarmed, however, if we found the child still breastfeeding at age 9!  They would then be considered stunted in their development.  Likewise, believers must move from basics to “solid food”.  The Apostle Paul used such an analogy to chastise the Corinthians for their immaturity.  A good diet is appropriate for age and makes allowances for any deficiencies that may require attention.

Are you having a good mix of God’s word, digesting both encouraging and challenging Scriptures?