READ – Ephesians 5:25-27, John 13:1-10

WATER – talk to any farmer and they will tell you how water dominates their thoughts and conversations. City dwellers may experience restrictions in times of water shortages but farmers may lose their livelihoods. Is it any wonder that the Bible has so many references to water in the dry, arid and vulnerable regions of the middle east. Jesus described his life-giving salvation as an eternal spring (see John 4:13-14). Water provides life-giving properties to our bodies and our land and relief in the heat or the cold. The sound of a stream, waterfall or fountain refreshes our senses and flowing water was often a symbol of renewal and cleansing in the Bible. The flowing waters of baptism provided an experiential marker of sins forgiven and new birth taking place. The spiritually cleansing and disinfecting power of God’s word is just as real today as ever before. Jesus, the author of such words continues to cleanse us from everything that stains or poisons us. Because of our own sins and the sins of others, we are regularly in need of cleansing, just as Jesus told his disciples (see John 13).

Can you recall the most recent time the word of God has cleansed your conscience?