READ – James 1:19-27,  Revelation 3:14-22

MIRROR – As much as the evil Queen in Snow White wanted the mirror to lie, it couldn’t. The truth was plain, Snow White was more beautiful than the ugly evil Queen. Of course, if you’re talking to a mirror then you’ve got other problems to solve! Then there are those unforgiving mirrors in the change rooms at clothing stores – or is it the lights? There’s much to be said for online retail. But seriously, the Bible is a mirror. James wrote to believers who felt a sense of pride in that they cherished God’s law. But James reminds them that God’s word is not something to be admired but to be conformed to. He further illustrated his point with a very modern example. We are surrounded by reflections of our image in windows, mirrors and even selfies. If we see something we don’t like we would understandably make a quick adjustment. As we read God’s word, we will discover the gap between who Christ is and who we are – the ultimate in self-awareness.  James refers to the ‘perfect law that gives freedom’, apparently looking beyond the judgemental Mosaic law to the law of the gospel that justifies the ungodly and liberates them to live through Christ.

What have you “seen” in the perfect law that shows you what needs changing?