READ – Isaiah 50:7-10, Psalm 119:105-112

LAMP – Are you afraid of the dark?  The lampstand in the original tabernacle of Israel shone its light forward to the table with the Bread of the Presence opposite.  The bread is a symbol of Christ.  Without electricity we are shut into a world of darkness, unable to see much at all until our vision adjusts, but even then we can struggle.  In such darkness we can injure ourselves and others easily.  The Bible describes the world in which we live as a place of darkness.  A place where evil can do its work unrecognised.  When Jesus came he declared himself as the light of the world and then told his followers that they too would be light in the world.  The psalmist praised the completeness of God’s law and recorded the famous line, “Thy word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path”.  Sometimes we find ourselves walking in unfamiliar territory.  The shadows lengthen, darkness closes in and our imagination runs wild.  We would prefer the view of a distant horizon at midday but all we have is the still small voice and a gracious reminder of God’s counsel through His word, illuminating a few steps ahead.  Isaiah warns us not to light our own fires but walk in the light God has given.

Do you have some guiding Scriptures that have illuminated your way?