READ – Psalm 19:1-14, Psalm 1:1-6

GOLD and HONEY – King David exulted in praise of God’s works, searching for words that expressed how he valued the revelation of God’s word. When he speaks of God’s law he isn’t meaning the legalistic view we often think of when we consider the concept of laws. He has in mind the breadth of wisdom and depth of understanding that God’s counsel provided to those who would govern and lead God’s people. Kings of Israel were required to write out a copy of God’s law, enabling them to revere and meditate upon it. In many public spaces, signs warn people not to leave valuables unattended. Such a statement assumes people understand what is valuable and what is a threat to losing what is precious. David identifies how the word of God is more valuable than the finest gold in quantity and quality. Such gold has gone through a process of refining to produce the desired quality and guaranteed earthly power and security but it is surpassed by God’s word. Honey is both sweet and contains life giving properties. It was a highly desirable natural sweetener in ancient times that could provide energy to weary pilgrims on long journeys.

What Scriptures have you treasured like gold or found sweet to your soul?