Local Reach

C3 Church Ryde has sustained a positive impact on the local community through a
variety of ministry initiatives.

Schools Ministry

We are well aware that the majority of people who come to faith generally do so by the time they are 18. In NSW we still have a door open to share the word of God and so we have done all we can to place as many scripture teachers in schools. Not only do we teach but our team provides a strong connection between families in our community and the local church through various events each year.

As well as establishing an ongoing presence in these schools, this ministry is also linked with Oxygen – Youth program and our Big Breakfast and Car restoration program which provides mentoring to youth at risk. And we have a number of chaplains placed in schools working with the broader school community linking this with our Reach Community Initiatives Local Community Aid.

  • SCOPE – scripture teaching in primary and secondary schools
  • Chaplaincy – working with the whole school community to build the social welfare of students, teachers and families
  • Big Breakfast – free breakfast for local high school students and an opportunity to contribute to a build a sense of community within the school and link in with other preventative and support strategies.
  • Shift – Mentoring and Car Mechanic Program places one of our staff as a youth worker in our local TAFE to assist young people who are at risk. Young people from local high schools are referred to this program which creates a context for learning new skills, forming positive mentoring relationships with youth and community workers, business leaders and police youth liaison officers.

Reach Community Initiatives

Provides practical assistance for people at their point of need through a range of programs and services these services including counselling, programs and courses such as the “moving on from” and “moving into” series with very practical courses such as “Moving Out of Depression, “Moving on in Loss and Grief “ and “Moving into Smart Spending”. RCI also offers a range of courses designed to assist parents in the role of raising children.

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C3 Cares

C3 Cares exists to help people in need, in crisis or isolation.

We hold free events to provide practical assistance to anyone in these difficult circumstances.

C3 Cares runs weekly morning teas & monthly dinners for those in the local community, as well as runs a food bank providing emergency food hampers to those in need.

C3 Cares is always wanting to add to their team, if you’re interested in volunteering on the team register your interest below.